Monday, July 5, 2010

east coast adventure.. day i

jaxon and i get bored really easily... sick of the perth grind we dared each other to go hangout in melbourne and sydney.

day one was hectic.
we landed in victoria n caught a bus in to melbourne cbd. then herd of a backpackers in st kilda;
after checking and going into a room with 8 bunks and only one dude in it we were stoked to have somewhere to stay...

-grabbed some caffeine and proberly the only breakfast of the trip.

-walked chapel st.

we went back to the backpackers to find all the beds full with people in ours too..fuck! it smelt like vomit too...
i was off it. fuck "xbase" that place smelt like vomit.

i called mum. she got on the net and found a cheap place in the city...she set me the adress and that was that. we now had a dope hotel right in the city... just it was double the amount we wanted to pay. haha

that night we caught the tram out to some west coast mates house. ed "rockstar" spencer, and levi's.. it was dope. just fucking cold.

p.s i promise the next posts will be shorter.

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