Thursday, July 8, 2010

east coast adventure.. day ii

we woke up super late after getting home at about 5am after our first night out in melbourne.
we went for a street lurk.
melbourne has some super nice architecture, it almost makes me want to study it... but not quite.
we got board. so we got some needles&cotton&ink&pens and decided to tattoo each other.
jax wanted "amote" on his arm but he got "am" and i wanted cloud raining on my leg. but i got a few random lines... so dont ask us to tattoo you ever.

that night was fucking amazing. i called a new mate "giordi" , this guys is a total lad.
and his also hollywood.. we got into some clubs/bars that theres no way we shoulda\ have been aloud in... free drinks all night and a new favourite drink "passionfruit martini with white chocolate"

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  1. Oh home tattooing. Check the latest.