Thursday, June 10, 2010


sunday night 1230am. josh and i decided to drive down south for a surf.
we got down to gas at 2am... watched modern family and two and a half men on my mac for a while before deciding to sleep before a surf at first light.

monday morning 830am. i woke up it was overcast and looking like it was wanting to rain... we slept in way too long and the onshore was starting to blow in. total kooks!
we surfed river dog with the margs boys all morning and again in the arvo... pretty fun.

monday evening 6pm. we visited bones at artful ink earlier in the day and orginised to stay at hers that night. it was dope! i was so tierd after fuck all sleep the night before and surfing all night but we were pretty keen on going to settlers for karoke. bones sung "ant music" with her brand new adam ant face tattoo and her mad antmusic shirt on, cassie busted out "build me up buttercup", and josh closed the night with "peice of shit car!" haha

tuesday 3am. finally got to sleep in the kitchen/dining of cas an ebs place while they partyed on.

tuesday 7am. northpoint carpark was littered with pros. Hardy, Rawlings. Jackson, Huges, Stone, Feast, Backshall, Woodland, Vietch plus more dopes and photogs. shit was Arctic but worth it... sets were pushing 10ft... i got one set early in the morning and josh got 2... i hung out on the end section grabbing the scraps for the rest of the day, way better than hassling for waves all day.

tuesday 1230pm. i took those three photographs while sittn on a rock having a picnic of chocolate, bbq shapes and water. epic day.

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