Tuesday, September 14, 2010

i dont want to be a rockstar...i want to be a photographer.

model. rhien tan
makeup. rhien tan
stylist. rhien tan
hair. rhien tan
photographer. who cares

fucking fashion photographers

Wednesday, September 8, 2010


so my grandmother passed away a while ago now, so i've been meaning to get a tribute tattoo
done for her. she was such a strong woman and would do anything for her family.
she taught me so much about life and whats important.
so i finally got my act together and decided to start drawing it up.

This is when it got weird. i got a cool old passport photo of her and set up my little light box so i could trace it. my light box wouldn't sit right, so i fiddled with it trying to make it all work for a good hour... i gave up and thought fuck it! ill use the light from my t.v to trace through. So i taped up the photo and the paper to the t.v. But it kept on moving and sliding away from me even though i had done this hundreds of times before. i then got a pain in my arm. i just ignored it thinking it was just a strain from the angle i was working on. i pulled away the finished drawing and it looks nothing like her or the picture.

she never liked tattoo's.